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Date: 2004-04-18 17:05:32 UTC
Subject: RE: Another Gastric Ulcer Question
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Thanks again for your reply, Kim. I'll be calling the vet in just a little bit to check in with her. Paxie is continuing to pass normal colored stool that is just a bit soft, with little fine hairs. We'll continue feeding her Marshall's:a/d paste and ferretone together, talk to her vet today, and get her more fluids tomorrow (when vet's open again). Paxie once ate Pepto for us before (vet suggested for mild case of the runs when 2 months old), and she'd probably lick crushed tablets mixed with ferretone if needed. Of course, I'm going to be patient and continue to try and "oil out" all this hair, finish up her Clavamox treatment, get fluids as needed.

I'd also like to say thanks again to this list. I know I've sent in quite a few posts, some of them a bit long. I greatly appreciate the hospitality and collaborative education going on here. Thank you.

Author wrote:
> Maureen,
> I am not a vet, so this is just based on what I've read. I've read here on the list that Clavamox seems to cause stomach upset in some ferrets. I'm not saying don't give it, just that Paxie may eat better once she has finished the treatment. Also regarding pros and cons of Pepto or Carafate, I've read here that most ferrets hate the taste of Pepto, making it difficult and stressful to give. But most is not all, Paxie may like it.
> Kim