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Date: 2004-04-18 19:21:40 UTC
Subject: RE: Another Gastric Ulcer Question
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Thank you, Sukie, for your reply.

Pax's stool color is back to normal, I figure that it had been going through faster than normal b/c she was getting more ferretone than she could digest at once. She is trying to drink it like water, i.e., seems thristy, but still will not drink water. We are still offering her laxatone with all of this, but she's no longer as interested in it.

Since 6 a.m. today (it's now 3 p.m.) she's eaten with us a bit of tone and 20 cc's of her mash which estimated is half water. So, she's had maybe 10 cc's of water. I've read that for sub-q fluids it is recommended 30 cc's twice a day, and my vets have given her 60 cc's at once. I will aim to add more water to her mash and try to get as close to 60 cc's of water into her today. Her scruff is starting to tent again, she'll eat about 2-5 cc's of mash every 1-2 hours as if trying to drink it, so I keep offering, but no water. She goes in tomorrow for sub-q when the vet's opens.

I've left messages with the vet about this and about perhaps going off Clavamox to see if she'll start drinking if her tummy feels better. She's been on Clavamox since Wednesday. It's now Sunday. Her UTI symptoms ended Friday, and the Clavamox box says, for cats anyway, to stop treatment 48 hours after symptoms subside.

Message #4 of 5: Date Posted: 18 Apr 2004 19:36:39 by Sukie Crandall Oils/fats are digestible and they take some time to digest so unless they are given at levels beyond what a ferret ca digest (which can result in runs and in little bird seed looking balls of lipids) oils won't help with furballs.

The reason that petroleum jelly is the base in furball meds is because it is not digestible. Since it passes through unchanged it drags fur along with it.

5 Message #5 of 5: Date Posted: 18 Apr 2004 19:40:57 by Sukie Crandall > Last night before bed Paxie had a greenish stool that was pretty well formed, had

If it becomes definitely green that tends to usually mean that the stool is passing through faster than normal.

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