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Date: 2004-04-20 07:14:32 UTC
Subject: How Contageous?
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I know that ferrets can catch a cold from a person and vice versa. My question is, how easily?

I'm the sole care giver for Sonic and Chewy. However, this past weekend was a family reunion. Within a day of arriving at the house, every person was sick. I don't know if we caught it from the ferts (Chewy is a sneezer but he also tends to find the dustiest places) or if it was just among the humans but I don't want my babies getting sick.

I'm taking the precautions of washing my hands before and after handling them and cleaning their food and water dishes more frequently. Are there any other precautions I need to take to avoid getting them sick? I'd hate to have to isolate them in the spare room while I fight this bug.