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Date: 2004-04-20 12:30:49 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] Mystery Illness
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I doubt if this helps much, but I'm curious to see what others may know. I've read up that the coating on nonstick or teflon pans, if burned off at high heat, can release a gas that will kill birds inside a house. I've not found anything in the archives under "teflon" or "nonstick" and I wonder if this gas is dangerous to ferrets, as well, as the size factor is similar. I mean, I'm sure this gas is bad for people too, we just happen to be so much larger, so it doesn't overwhelm our systems.

Hoping the best for your little ones,
Maureen, Paxie, and NikkoBear

Author wrote:
> Be sure to look for toxins, especially airbourne ones. Gas Leaks, Carbon
> Monoxide, etc. Often when things happen like this there is on outside
> cause. Be safe and have it looked into because the signs you describe could
> be related to a gas toxicosis. Find out so that you save yourself as well
> if not your little one. All the best.
> Dr. Sue