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Date: 2004-04-20 12:43:26 UTC
Subject: Paxie's feeling much better
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Thanks yet again to all here. I'm learning so much and making myself better prepared as my ferts begin to enter their older years, and receiving a bit of emotional support for mom during our recent crisis, and every little bit helped keep me on my feet. Thank you.

Paxie went back to the vet Monday morning. We had stopped the Clavamox Sunday evening, as my main goal was getting food/liquid into her and the Clavamox was obviously bothering her (paws pushing it away). Once we stopped we managed to get 5-10 cc's of her watery mash in every 4 hours.

By Monday morning she was down from 2 1/4 lbs to 2 lbs, still mildly dehydrated but much better than she was on Friday morning. The vet kept her during the day so she could administer sub-q throughout, for a total of 100 cc's, four doses of 25 cc's each. They didn't try to feed her, wanted to save that as something Pax would do with us and not the "bad guys" and have her hungry by the time we picked her up.

We brought her home last night, she was not interested in the food in the syringe, so I offered her some kibble and she ate pieces from my hand. She's been in her food bowl throughout the night (little circles of missing food) and there is fresh stool in the litter that appears just normal, and she ate a few more pieces from my hand this morning.

She just woke up, I'll finish later