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From: "Sue Liszewski"
Date: 2004-04-21 03:50:23 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] Mystery Illness
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Sure it is possible if there is any sensitivity to that at all, but the
heats to cause its release are very high. I also look for candles, cleaning
products, bedding, etc that could contribute to a problem. Ie if you use
wood shavings there could be something in them and the smell alone is
irritating (although we don't typically use wodd shavings with ferrets,).
Dr. Sue

>Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] Mystery Illness
>Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 13:30:49 +0100 (BST)
>I doubt if this helps much, but I'm curious to see what others may know.
>I've read up that the coating on nonstick or teflon pans, if burned off at
>high heat, can release a gas that will kill birds inside a house. I've not
>found anything in the archives under "teflon" or "nonstick" and I wonder if
>this gas is dangerous to ferrets, as well, as the size factor is similar. I
>mean, I'm sure this gas is bad for people too, we just happen to be so much
>larger, so it doesn't overwhelm our systems.
>Hoping the best for your little ones,
>Maureen, Paxie, and NikkoBear
>Author wrote:
> > Be sure to look for toxins, especially airbourne ones. Gas Leaks,
> > Monoxide, etc. Often when things happen like this there is on outside
> > cause. Be safe and have it looked into because the signs you describe
> > be related to a gas toxicosis. Find out so that you save yourself as
> > if not your little one. All the best.
> > Dr. Sue
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