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Date: 2004-04-21 04:44:58 UTC
Subject: Amoebas?
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My two ferrets have ECE but after a year of intense treatment have made a remarkable come back. On Sunday, they began to have stinky, green bowel movements and I immediately took them to their vet the next morning. Our regular ferret vet is on vacation and the vet at the practice conjectured that they had some sort of amoeba in their system. He gave me two absolutely horribly tasting medications - it takes three people to get it down their throats and I usually wait until they are asleep and sneak up on them.
Anyway, are "amoebas" some sort of intestinal problem that resides in the bowels of ferrets that have ECE and is this a symptom that they are about to have another bad bout of the illness. They look fine enough right now - in fact better than they have since the start of the illness, but than there is the green gunk. They've gotten quite plump again and playful once again.
Has anybody else heard of this problem? If so what do you do - medicate the symptoms as they arise? There have been no changes in environment, cage, food, vitamins, treats or litter, with the exception of the introduction of an English Mastiff puppy to the household four weeks ago. They have no contact with him or the areas of the house he resides in. Their blood work was also quite good. Any advice would be appreciated.