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From: "Liz Lucas"
Date: 2004-04-21 12:25:16 UTC
Subject: Not eating, fever, yellow diarrhea??
To: <>
Message-ID: <000c01c4279b$b5a8cfd0$02203ccc@THELUCASFAMILY>

I hope someone has ideas as to what could be causing my foster ferrets =
to be ill. They came to me about a month ago, and were doing wonderfully. =
I did Not change their brand of food. =

About 2 weeks ago, two of the three ferrets stopped eating dry kibble. =
They had yellow, seedy diarrhea, but were still drinking, were active, and=
had no fever. My vet put them on Amoxicillan, Flagyl, and Carafate. A fe=
w days later they began to eat on their own again. They have now finished =
their rounds of meds, but still have seedy poop (brown, not yellow).
Last week, the third ferret stopped eating dry kibble AND stopped drink=
ing. He had the same yellow, seedy diarrhea (which is now brown and seedy)=
, with a slightly elevated temperature, and has lost weight. I took him to=
the vet and he did bloodwork, which came back normal. He was put on the s=
ame 3 medications. It has been 5 days and he is still not eating kibble or=
drinking on his own, but remains very active.
One of my personal ferrets has now stopped eating and drinking, has dia=
rrhea (not yellow like the others), but no fever or lethargy.
All of the ferrets gladly accepted a/d, or chicken baby food, mixed wit=
h water when they were off kibble. =

Any suggestions or ideas as to what could be causing this?

Thank you.