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Date: 2004-04-22 17:03:39 UTC
Subject: A condition that seems to come-and-go
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I have a male ferret, about 2 years old now, and lately he seems to get 'sick' for no apparent reason. And then in a day or so he is back to normal.

When he get 'sick' as I notice it, he is quite lethargic, and his stools become rather clear and slimy, and they're left in several areas throughout the cage rather than in the litter box. Plus there is a hint of red-ness to the stool. Maybe the correct term is one I read in another posting "mucoid diarrhea with a slight red tinge'.

Anyway, he stops eating normally, and seems to want to drink more, and aside from laying down more than usual - his entire 'bottom' shows evidence of his fur in that area being wet, like he had to scrub his bottom as he was defacating.

Other than that I don't see any other symptoms, and within a day or so he's fine and back to himself. I doubt if it's caused by eating something on the floor when he's out, or if it's from him lapping up water in the bottom of the shower stall when he gets in there in the morning, but I'm not sure.

Sometimes this will happen twice in a week, and then we'll go several weeks (or more) before it happens again.

I'm new to the process of having ferrets and I've read a few things about some 'adrenal' problems but other than that I don't have too much other information.

Anything that you could share would be most appreciated. Thanks.