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Date: 2004-04-26 19:05:08 UTC
Subject: Question about mouth sore treatment
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I've searched the archives but none of the mouth sore cases seem to match
my ferret. My ferret is actually more simple than all the aforementioned.
Quite simply Laddie has a small sore on the roof of his mouth behind his
front teeth. He has no tarry stools ... no odd stools at all, no grinding, no
head bobbing, no weakness, no clawing at his mouth .... really no symptoms.
How I found it was that he lost a great bit of weight from not eating and
gotten dehydrated, he vomited, and he was smacking his mouth a little. After days
of hydrating him and putting him on bland soft baby food, he has recouped
nicely (he never vomited again after hydrating him again, so I think that was
just a secondary symptom of that). He won't touch his dry kibble. He is almost
back to his old self, and has gained wieght nicely. He has not one symtom now
except for the smacking of his mouth where the sore is (licking it), and not
wanting to eat the dry kibble because of the pain. The sore seems pretty
superficial. Its round.
It's only one sore, but it's not getting better on its own (nor is it
getting worse) and he won't eat regular food with it. How can I help it to heal?
I know that when I had an ucler like sore long ago that woulnd't heal even
with medicines I had one doctor tell me to put cholorseptic on it topically.
It worked, it began to finally heal. He said that helps things that are even
viral in nature (is that even possible?). I just know it worked. I"ve heard
that you can actually take listerine, put it on a cotton swab and treat that
topically on a ferrets mouth sore.
I really need some input ....


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