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Date: 2004-04-28 17:47:54 UTC
Subject: Need prayers for Fester PLEASE!!!!
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Hi Mike,

Fui Jai's poop comes out with paper in it sometimes. He hasn't had a paper
blockage so far. But, we will carefully check him out.

Thanks for the input.



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If you all remember the begining of March Fester went in for insulinomia
surgery and came out with having 3 larger tumers removed from his pancres, his
left adrenal removed, right is still in but larger then the vet has ever seen
it, lymphomia and an aortic anourism(sp). Well the last few days he has seemed
to start to decline. HE is not as active as he was, not really eating, loose
bowels kinds black looking, and not really moving from the same spot in the
cage, and has lost weight. I really want him to be with him former cage mate
for atleast a day before he crosses over....I really dont know how much longer
I can keep him with out helping him over...I am in tears just thinking about
it. Gomez was surendored back to the shelter I got him from due to aggressive
biting but they have done a radical procedure and removed all 4 canines and I
was offered him back since now he can not do the damage he was doing with the
biting. I just dont know what to i take him up now and help him over
or do i hold off and let him tell me exactly when he wants to go...

Buffy owned by Lurch, Cousin Itt, Thing, Gomez(soon to be home where he
belongs), Fester, Morticia, Pugsley, and Legolas.

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