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Date: 2004-04-28 18:22:29 UTC
Subject: Teeth my wits end
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If there is no hope of recovery and it sure sounds like he has no quality of life if he can't even move from the same spot, then it sounds like it is time to release him from his misery.

It's always an extremely difficult decision but as Troy Lynn once so wisely told me, "Euthanasia means taking their pain and making it yours."


Author wrote:
> to start to decline. HE is not as active as he was, not really eating, loose
> bowels kinds black looking, and not really moving from the same spot in the
> cage, and has lost weight. I really want him to be with him former cage mate
> for atleast a day before he crosses over....I really dont know how much longer
> I can keep him with out helping him over

From: Amy Robbin <>
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I have an 8+ year old MF male. He's in mediocre health. He's been
grinding his teeth off an on probably for a year now. Has been treated
for ulcers on numerous occasions. Relief would be only for a few days. On
the long term I put him on Pepcid AC that brought limited relief. He's
had ex-rays, blood tests, and recently exploratory surgery (nothing
abnormal found). Also had his teeth cleaned because they were clearly
bothering him.

For a week on Pepto and Amoxi he did very well, no diarrhea or tooth
grinding. Now the tooth grinding is back.

I've tried:

Pepto Bismol
Pepcid AC
Bland diet
Ferret "Probiotics"
He's had x-rays
exploratory surgery
On his second dose of Lupron (3 month doses)

Any suggestions, his appetite is down when he is griding his teeth. Anyone
have any other suggestions?