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Date: 2004-04-29 20:05:23 UTC
Subject: Frequent urinating / small amounts
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I can't reach my vet he is out of the office until tomorrow. One of our ferrets Koda. Is frequently urinating, but it is very small amounts every 5-6 minutes and then after about 6 tries he finally goes the normal amount. Koda started this last night we just thought he was worked up. we had a few people over to our house and he really likes company. Koda was recently started on a higher dose of pred(last sat) 1 2x a day for his insulinoma I don't know if could be a side effect from that or if it is really nothing to worry about. if it was another kind of animal I would be thinking bladder infection do ferrets get bladder infections? Can this wait until tomorrow or do we need to make a vist to the emergency room?