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Date: 2004-04-29 21:30:55 UTC
Subject: Re: Purell
Message-ID: <>

Hi all,
Purell is an alcohol based hand product. It contains
roughly 66% alcohol. Thus it would be similar to pouring
rubbing alcohol on your hands. It does kill most "common germs."
This would include the common germs on your hands like
staph, strep, etc. Does it do a good job on E. coli, Salmonella,
or Pseudomonas? Probably not. These are the "uncommon
germs" that pet stores should be worried about going from the
reptiles to the birds and small animals. Likewise not too effective
against Chlamydia that can go from the small birds to those big,
expensive birds. Better than nothing, but not the best way of
preventing bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.
Hope that clears things up,
Jerry Murray, DVM