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Date: 2004-04-30 02:34:18 UTC
Subject: RE: Tennesse Blood Panel
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You can go here...

to get the full details on sending in a sample for the adrenal panel. If you go to that page you'll see that they charge $60. Now add your vet's office visit and the charge to draw blood, plus the charges to package it up properly and send it to the U. of Tenn. and it's going to be more than $60. $200 sounds like a bit much though. On the other hand, they charge $125 for the dog adrenal panel, so maybe that is what your vet is thinking of?

I don't know anything else that would cause what you're seeing. Personally, I would put the money towards surgery.


Author wrote:
> Does anyone know what the cost is. How I can find out. Do you know of any other reason why a neutered male would suddenly act like this.