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Date: 2004-07-08 21:52:17 UTC
Subject: Need some kind of advice...
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Hello all thought I'd give an update on Mischief...shes finally eating her =
own food the switch was a peice of cake...but my concerns now are on the 1s=
t I had adopted a new ferret named Reggie she is 2 yrs old...they were gonn=
a have her put to sleep and I didn't want to see that happen since I think =
there is hope for her...
Well anyways they told me that she was extremely aggressive and mean..when =
I got her they were surprised I had absolutely no problems getting her out =
of her cage she came right to me..she appears to me the most lovelist, frie=
ndlyist and cuddlyist ferret I have ever seen well she still is she doesn't=
bite anyone and shes is so dang I'm not sure what the heck they =
are talking about my bf thinks she can sense that I'm not gonna hurt her an=
d that she may have been abused by previous owners..

Well heres my concerns they had told me that she doesn't get along with oth=
er animals at all. Well my black labrador she doesn't attack him or anythin=
g unless he is trying to play with her like he does with mischief so now he=
won't even bother her anymore but heres my biggest concerns she keeps atta=
cking mischief so I have to keep them seperated and mischief doesn't like t=
hat AT ALL cuz she is so used to being out to run all the time and now I ha=
ve to put her in the cage in order for Reggie to be out for her play time. =
I'm not sure what to do but Mishcief seems like shes going into depression =
but not too bad cuz at first she hid for 3days didn't even come out to eat.=
then finally she came out and I gave her all the attention to let her know=
that I didn't forget about her so now she's starting to be back to her nor=
mal self but she wants to get to know Reggie but Reggie won't let her near =
otherwise she attacks her. Is there any possible way to get them to get alo=
ng with out fighting?? Reggie is 2yrs old and Mischief just turned 1 in Apr=
il. and I've had her since she was 4 months old. Any advice or ideas are gr=
eatly appreciated.

thanks, =