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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2004-07-09 05:00:21 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] People Food
Message-ID: <>

Bob Church's chicken gravy - you make it by cooking up a whole chicken,
and adding
some goodies- you can check the link section or archives for the link to
the website
with his full recipe. If eating kibble, I think about another 30cc - 60cc
( 1-2 ounces) a day would
be good.

Meat baby food, warmed a little and hand fed until takes alone- 1 jar a
day supplementation-
but costs a bit more than making bob's recipe.

Cook a whole chicken, boil until soft and add in giblets at end. Let
cool, separate and grind/blend
down all chicken and giblets until smooth. Freeze in 2-4ounce portions (
those cheap gladware type containers are great for this, they make all
sizes). when ready to feed just defrost and refrigerate unused. warm a
few seconds in microwave, add a little ferretvite or nutrical, or a
heavy cream and hand feed until takes alone.
This is not as good as Bob's recipe and not nutrionally complete, so
don't feed this as only food.

If will take it, chicken, beef, and almost any meat can be given as a
treat- just parboil it. OR feed
leftovers as snacks.

I know there are other duck soup type recipes around, the above are just
my favorite.

I would also wonder why ferret needs to gain weight, if lost weight or
not eating well and hasn't seen the vet, good time for a full exam.

Good luck,

Patty K
ps. He may not take anything but his food, for the most part you will
have to offer anything new a few times, even put a dab on his mouth- let
him make a face, yack a little, about the third or fourth time you do it,
he should start eating it.

On Fri, 9 Jul 2004 04:58:57 +0100 (BST) writes:
> Hi Again. I Have A Question. I Know Ferrets Only Eat Meat. But What
> Kind Of People Food Can I Give Him To Help Him Gain Some Weight?. I
> Was Afraid To Give Him Anything But ferret Food .

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