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From: Ferret Wise Shelter
Date: 2004-07-09 22:17:44 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] JoJo's initial Necropsy results
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Hello Marian,

I AM NOT a vet but I am sure one on the list can direct attention where due.

HOWEVER even as an owner I can tell you that -
the following statement form your report puts to rest the probability of
insulinoma.."No evidence of pancreatic neoplasia see grossly.

I do not remember what you said the ferret was treated with however the
following excerpt relays a problem other than the suspected insulinoma.

>GROSS FINDINGS - There was a prominent zone of subcutaneous edema along
>the ventral midline of the posterior abdomen. Lungs were discolored dark
>reddish-purple, were wet, and heavy. Blood and frothy material were
>present in airways and on cut surface. The stomach and upper 2/3 of the
>small intestine contained bloody, mucoid contents. Mucoaa and serosa of
>urinary bladder were markedly reddened with suggestion of inflammation
>and/or hemorrage. No evidence of pancreatic neoplasia see grossly.

It would be beneficial to have the bacteriology report but even as a lowly
ferret caretaker I would suspect your ferret had a respiratory
infection and a bladder infection.

I hope this matter is resolved quickly for you with your recent loss.

Alicia D