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Date: 2004-07-15 18:22:39 UTC
Subject: Glaucoma and possible eye removal
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Hello. Once again I'm back to ask questions about another ferret of mine Wish. He is blind, possible cateracts (SP?) and glaucoma. His eyes are blue and slowly over the years have sort of 'popped' out and look about 1.5 x's the size of a normal eye for a ferret.
I've noticed in the last little while that his eyes are starting to deteriorate, meaning that in his case they look pitted and almost like layers are coming off of his eye balls.
I have contacted a vet, and he said I was right in thinking that he has glaucoma, and that there are options to what we can do. He said any pain he might have felt would have been when it first started, and possibly not any longer. He did mention that it could be fatal to try and remove his eyes seeing as he is 5yrs old.
I have noticed that he bites carpets on my floor quite often. Not to chew however. I believe that he is doing this, as a person would clench their teeth to relieve stress/pressure. I'm extremely worried that he is in pain.
Please, if you can give me some suggestions I need them. I am so worried that he is hurting and that if I do nothing but make sure that infection doesn't set in, that I am putting him through more pain then I know.
I don't want him to hurt anymore, and I feel that something needs to be done.


Anna, Wish and Gus.