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Date: 2004-07-20 00:11:06 UTC
Subject: Re: Call out to those who are familiar with sick/recovering ferrets
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In a message dated 07/18/04 10:13:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
My 10 yr old female had adrenal surgery 5/24/04. Previous 8 yrs before had
it on the other.

Right here my immediate thought, especially since she is not eating well, and
also because in a later post you say that she is not on pred or other meds:

Get her tested for hypoadrenocorticism (Addisons) as soon as you possibly can.

A ferret that has had two adrenals removed, irregardless of the amount of
time between surgeries, is at risk for developing Addisons, and one of the most
common signs is decreased appetite, weight loss, and a "wasting", lethargic
ferret. She needs to have her electrolyte levels checked and if they are
abnormal, needs to be on hormone replacements, either Florinef or Percorten, and
possibly pred, asap.

Dr. Ruth
Smarty Jones - still a great little horse