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Date: 2004-07-22 03:51:38 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] DIC 3 weeks post-op?
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I thought it might be fur, and I can feel stubble, but on close inspection I can't see fur. No blood in the stool he did right before I noticed the blue belly. I've parted fur on various places on his body, there don't appear to be bruises elsewhere, but his fur is thick so it is hard to tell. Same with the gums, I must not scruff very well, because he doesn't yawn for me, gums are pink, no bleeding. My vet said if it was DIC there would be little blood in the extremities, but his paw pads are pink, pink up quickly after being pressed.

I'm watching him closely, and hoping and praying for fur.

Kim and Harley

Author wrote:
> The new fur growth can look bluish as it starts to come in.
> When my ferret bleed from low platelets- he had small bruising all over the body, on
> his gums, and blood in the urine. You can also look for other signs of bleeding, like
> stool, urine or gums.
> Hopefully it is the new hair growing in.
> Patty