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Date: 2004-07-31 20:20:04 UTC
Subject: Re: spleen tumor
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Hi Daniela,
Ferrets can do just fine wthout their spleen.
For the surgeon: ligate the vessels as close as
you can to the spleen, so you do not damage the
blood supply to the stomach (this is the same as
in dog or cat spleen surgery, except the ferret blood
vessels are smaller). I would also recommend Sevo or Iso
only for the anesthesia (avoid the injectables).
Expect the ferret to be nauseated after the surgery.
Sometimes Carafate and an antacid such as liquid
tagamet, zantac, pepcid, etc are needed for the first
few days post-op to help with the nausea. A semi liquid
diet (Gerber's baby food: "second stage" Chicken with chicken
gravy or Hill's a/d) may also help increase the appetite.
Keep this ferret isolated from other ferrets for a few days too
to help limit the activity level and allow the ferret to heal.
Hope that helps and lets us know what the pathology report says.
Jerry Murray, DVM