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From: ""
Date: 2004-08-03 02:45:53 UTC
Subject: A Question
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I will also add that the source of the protein is important. Some of the cheaper
brands use more corn meal to meat and still keep the protein level higher. You also
get what you pay for, so the higher priced foods usually are better in quality. I
would look for foods like Eukanuba kitten, chicken soup for the kitten lover's soul,
felidae, innova, california natural, etc for cat foods.
If ferret foods, use the better quality ones with the best reputations like Totally
ferret, Marshall's, zupreem, etc you can see a food comparison chart on the Ferret
Store site under their brand of food.

There is no one perfect food. I do like the idea of mixing in two or three good ones,
just in case you run out of one, or the company stops making it, or changes the
formula and the ferret won't take it,etc.