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From: Sandy Nobles
Date: 2005-01-01 13:43:04 UTC
Subject: Thank You!
Message-ID: <>

Thank you for all you are doing to help with this illness that has hit here. I'm working on stressing how important it is to find out what this is and to find the right treatment. Not to dispose of the sick until we can find some one that knows how to take the right tissue samples to find out what this is. So far as for the humans they are uncomfortable but not deathly ill. The smaller the animal the faster it gets sick and goes down the larger takes longer. If I get sick from this I will go to the hospital and have test run to see what it may be. I'm bathing in disinfectant and throwing away the things I was wearing over there before I even go in my home to be safe. My husband and boys can care for the animals here so I hopefully will not get them sick. I did not read your warning to stay away until this morning after I got home. Happy New Year to you and get some sleep, you are such a sweet heart to stay up all night to gather all this info. I will get it to them to give to the vet
that is helping them over there.

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