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From: autumn_whispers2me
Date: 2005-01-26 15:07:44 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] diagnosing ulcers
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When Boo-Boo was diagnosed with ulcers they went primarily with symptoms, though they did do bloodwork to rule out other problems. The key factor was severe pawing at the mouth (violent pawing) that occured in the exam room after they gave him a couple drops of nutra-cal. He'd lost about half his weight, was lethargic, wouldn't eat or drink water. He was grining his teeth, but when I saw him do this (like after taking flavor-vite, for example) I thought he was scrubbing the roof of his mouth with his tongue. It never ocurred to me that he was grinding his teeth.

But the vet used all the symptoms to treat immediately with antibiotics, tagament and pepto. We had to stop the latter two because he's fight so much and get so worked up (HATED the tagament badly) that he'd vomit in his panic. There may be tests for ulcers...not sure, but ours didn't use anything but the symptoms, and, as I mentioned they also did bloodwork to rule out other problems that could have caused the ulcers. wrote:
My 6 yr. old ferret started having bad diarreah, loss of appetite and became rather lethargic. I took him to the vet and had x-rays done, nothing showed up on these. The vet gave me some antibiotics for him. It's been five days now and he did improve a little. He is now much more active, but still has diarreah and looks thin. He takes in a lot of water and food but grinds his teeth after he takes it in. I see this is sometimes the cause of ulcers, so I'm wondering if that's a possibility. My main question is, will blood tests tell me if he has ulcers? Would those not be seen in X-rays? Does teeth grinding ever go away on its own, or is it always the sign of something much worse?

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