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Date: 2005-03-20 21:24:22 UTC
Subject: Facial Swelling and Draining Pus
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Could this be chronic sinusitis and, if so, does it need to
be physically drained or would a strong antibiotic do the
trick (have only used Clavamox to this point)?

HISTORY: Meeka (3 year old sprite) had the flu last
November. She became very lethargic but came out of this
with some TLC and medications. Right after this, however,
she developed a recurrent large swelling on the left side of
her face. It started as a pea sized shape on the bottom left
jaw, near where the upper and lower jaw meet. This grew
quickly and she was started on an extended course of Clavamox
(turned out to be nine consecutive weeks) and then it seemed
to resolve, only to reappear again two weeks later. Another
round of antibitoics (14 days) and two weeks symptom-free,
then it recurred again (this is now).

She's been x-rayed (nothing found suggesting it is a problem
with her teeth), aspirated (only pus and blood found), and
now we've sent a slide to the laboratory to culture (will
have results early next week).

The really freaky thing for me is that today she has copious
amounts of pus draining from the left ear (the side of the
face where the swelling is). This was present at 8:30 am, again at 10:30 am but not at 2:30 pm checks.

Is it possible that she developed recurrent sinusitis following the influenza and we're not treating with a powerful enough antibiotic?

Other than the facial swelling and pus drainage from the left ear, she's eating and eliminating as before, bouncing all over the place for a short period of time but then wanting to go and be by herself, probably to recuperate. She'd be a good candidate for surgery but I'm hoping there's an easier (and, yes, cheaper) way to treat this. So far treatment has cost $800 Canadian for numerous vet visits, medications, x-rays, subcutaneous fluids, culturing the slide, etc.

I'd appreciate any insight that could be offered for this.

Thank you,
Brandy and Meeka

(I hope I've posted this now to the right area.)