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Date: 2005-04-02 14:29:54 UTC
Subject: Seizure recovery-Need advice ASAP
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I cam out of the shower this morning to find my ferret Cody in the midst of a seizure. He was laying on the floor, staring into space, and when I picke dhim up he didn't even look at me and his back legs stuck straight out. I gave him some Karo syrup on the gums and have since gotten him to eat about a 1/2 oz of baby food with 0.5 ml of pred in it( it took awhile). How will I know he is stable? He doesn't seem to want to eat or drink anything now, and is really tired and listless. He keeps making liittle squeaking noises. Is there anything I can do for him? I should add that I started him on pred about a week ago for fear of him having insulinoma. I couldn't get a glucose because the vets machine was broke. Thanks in advance for the help!