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Date: 2005-05-03 00:24:05 UTC
Subject: RE: shots
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I'm concerned about the idea of pretreating with an antihistamine. I'd rather have the reaction happen while I'm at the vet's office than have it happen after I've left (always waiting the required 30-45 minutes after an injection). What is the concensous here on that issue? I'd really like to hear from the various veterinarians on this as well. Also, I'll never give both rabies and distemper shots on the same day again. The last time there was no reaction other than them wanting to sleep for 36 hours straight. That was much too nervewracking. It's worth the cost of the extra vet visit to get their shots at least two weeks apart.


Author wrote:
> I was wondering if a ferret had a bad reaction to the distemper vaccine even
> though they was pretreated with benadryl will they have the same type of
> reaction to the rabies vaccine?
> Julie