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Date: 2005-05-07 16:59:19 UTC
Subject: RE: Melatonin implant source
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Contact Tim at Melatek (877-635-2835) for information on purchasing the implants in bulk quantity. They also offer special rates for shelters. While I doubt it will be 63 cents each, it will be much cheaper than buying the whole package with a syringe for each one.

I talked to Tim and part of the reason that Neo-Dynamics stopped selling the individual implants in large quantities for use in ferrets was a sterility issue. Not to be cold-hearted, but I guess that's not a major issue in Mink that will not be alive much longer. Sad, I know, and it hurts my heart to even bring that up, but that is the reality of it.


Author wrote:
> We puchased melatonin implants about a year ago at the rate of about 63 cents each. Now that same company wants to charge $8.00 for each, which include the syringe,etc. (We only need the implant. Our vets supply the syringe and stainless steel needles.) They only charge the ferret people the $8, the mink people can still get it at the low rate. Even though they are the same product.