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Date: 2005-05-07 19:38:10 UTC
Subject: Fuzzies with flu bug
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Ok, I have 14 fuzzies. Started out with one having symptoms of the flu. He
had a temp of 103.5, severe sneezing, watery eyes, congestion in the sinus
cavity, chest was clear. Not much appetite, but would eat if I hand feed him. My
vet started him on amoxi drops b.i.d. I also gave him the ferret rx b.i.d.
Feed him duck soup and plenty of water and pedialyte. After a couple of days he
was back to his normal self. Now it is gradually making its way through the
whole bunch. What bothers me, is sound so congested and seem and at times it
appears as if they are getting choked on something but are not. They make the
sounds as if that is happening.
My vet could see nothing else wrong, and the nasal drip was clear. This is
just getting me worried because it is going through every ferret I have. The
older ones get knocked down harder then the younger ones. I am wondering is
this really the flu or is something else going on here.
Any thoughts?