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Date: 2005-05-17 02:12:52 UTC
Subject: Re: Emergency anemia
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Hello sindahise,
There are 3 common problems that cause
anemia. 1) Blood loss anemia, such as ulcers,
or major lacerations. 2) Estrogen induced anemia,
such as an intact female in heat and sometimes adrenal
gland disease. 3) and immune mediated anemia.
There are a few things in your post that just do not sound
right. The PCV (hemocrit) of 1% is not possible.
Did the blood smear actually show atypical lymphocytes
or how was the 'likely lymphoma' diagnosed?
Did she have an enlarged vulva?
Now as for what to do treatment wise, I would stop the
flagyl, but continue to use the Carafate and amoxicillin.
I would also stop the pepto.
If it is anemia from estrogen (ie adrenal gland disease) then
using Epogen and Arimidex may help her Melatonin may also
help her make new red blood cells, and using pet tinic and
baby food and/or Hill's a/d may help her out nutritionally.

If the anemia is from immune mediated disease then pediapred
would help her out.
Hope that helps,
Jerry Murray, DVM