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From: "April Armstrong Campbell"
Date: 2005-05-31 16:57:21 UTC
Subject: Thank you from Bandit and I. Kinda long..
To: <>
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"Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 04:04:17 +0100 (BST)
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80 is a pretty good BG for a ferret who has had insulinoma for over a year=
; you'd like for it to be higher postop, but it's not bad considering. You=
may still have to regulate his insulin using prednisone and/or Diazoxide, =
even after the surgery-if he had that many visible tumors on the part of th=
e pancreas that was removed, there were probably microscopic tumors elsewhe=
re on the pancreas, unfortunately. =

I was lucky with Bandit in that we went a year after his partial pancreatec=
tomy before having to restart pred, but with Marley, we had to restart drug=
therapy within a month postop. He did live another 2.5 years after that, =
though, and we adjusted his doses a few times over those years, and he ulti=
mately succumbed to lymphoma. We startes with 0.25mg twice a day, and he w=
as up to 1mg twice a day at the end. Bandit was taken by a gigantic abdomi=
nal tumor that could not be removed or resected. He had been on 0.45 mg tw=
ice a day of pred at the end.

You can certainly (and probably should, it seems) restart a low dose of pre=
dnisone and adjust it as needed for now.

Not a vet, but vet tech and ferret owner,


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I wish to thank all of you that have help me thru this hard time losing little Bandit. with so many health problems sence he was rescued at 7 weeks old with 3 other ferrets he was the only one that was so sick when i got him. we fought hard to get him well and at one time he did do good and acted healthy for a month or so til Easter weekend then he went down hill . but it was for the best Little Bandit went to join his cousins up at the rainbow bridge. yes i will miss him but i will never forget him, When I took him to St Louis Miss Randy just fell in love with him and would hold him for the longest time and other friends would say Ii need a ferret fix and i would go get him and hope Randy wouldnt grab him first cause she wasnt about to share Bandit lol. . Bandit loved to be held and loved, the day befor the syp in St Louis we had went to Marsha and Jerry Corwell place and we stayed there over night. Bandit played and played he was running and hopping all over the place
doing his dookie dances and all he loved the ferrets sand box he just had a ball and it was the first time sence Easter weeknd I saw him act that way it was hard to belive cause Bandit had been sick with that prolapesy and kidney problems and ear infections,
but that day you wouldnt have thought anything was even wrong with him. while we was at the syp Bandit went blind over night it scared the crap out of me i was so upset i wanted to run him to the vet and here not thinking we had some vet drs that was already there, and i thank them so much for their time they gave up just to look at this baby. I cant remember the Drs names but Thank you guys so much. but I so scared and worried that i left the syp earlie the next morn with bandit for home and to my vet down in Arkansas, he had juvenial cateract inhis eye he went blind a couple weeks later in the other eye. then one morn i woke up to him being very week, my a/c went out in my home so i had took all the ferrets to the vet for boarding cause it was so hot here and i didnt want the ferrets to get sick. but Bandit was weak and just laying around and would barly eat. the drs took more test you name it they did it then one day they took one of my healthy ferrets there and x-rayed
her then took an x-ray of bandit and there is was his kidneys were size of a half dollor or golf ball size they could have took him to surgey but i said no i was tired of him suffereing he had already had 2 surgeys that was enough. no more hes suffered enough and that it was time for him to go home to the rainbow but befor he was going to be put to sleep i wanted to take him home just to hold and love on him one last time and to talk to him about the rainbow bridge and how happy he was going to be when he got there, i had told a couple ferret friends of mine what i had done and the choice i made for Bandit. and so it was done on the morn of May 27th. I have recived so many pivet emails and e cards and phone calls i relly didnt think i had that many ferrets friends the goups list im on. and I want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers thoughts love and kind suporrt to me and with Bandit. and im sure Bandit thanks you to for helping me thru this. I had to laugh
this morn cause someone sent me an email saying with a poam it made me think of a time that Bandit during one of his well days and Kaleb my 2 monster babys just a month apart would go running from me when they were in trouble they would go and run from me as fastest as they could and then stop to turn a coner in the house and they would slide across my harden slick floor in the kitchen and run into things. it was so funny but the poam said and i want to share it with you cause it made me smile for the first time sence Bandit Left me for the rainbow. I will end this post with the poam. Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways totely warn out SHOUTING. Holy-cow -- what a ride.. as fast as Bandit would run from me that day he went that fast to the rainbow Bridge.. Love and Fuzzie Hugs. Susan&Bandit from the S&L Ferret Rescue of Northwest Arkansas..

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