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From: Kelly Foran
Date: 2005-05-31 23:11:18 UTC
Subject: stuffy nose, not getting better
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Thanks to all who posted to me. we took Ellie to
another vet today and he feels it is a tumor, but
could not be certain with out an endoscopy. We would
have to wait until next Tuesady for that. She seems
to be getting worse daily. The vet said she is
breathing like something is obstructing. He heart
sounds strong and her lungs are clear. I know after
having four ferrets and being one of those strange
people who are too attuned to their ferrets that Ellie
is not ok and getting worse. I sense distress and
frustration from her. She is hungry and eats babyfood
willingly, she still enjoys going outside to play, her
tube and plastic bags, but she is getting tired these
past few days and it is sad to see. I don't know if
we should do the endoscopy? What does it accomplish?
We may try pediapred? Any insight or suggestions are