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From: Kelly Foran
Date: 2005-06-01 13:34:36 UTC
Subject: ferret with a stuffy nose
Message-ID: <>

I appreciate everyones input and help with Ellie's
illness. It did seem however that some people might
have misuderstood my post. I thought I had posted
about Ellie and her issue a few times. Just to
clarify. I have brought her to two different vets for
this issue. I always bring my ferrets to the vet and
never hesitate due to lack of money. My ferrets have
always come first in our lives. I have owned ferrets
for about 8 years and been through many surgeries,
illnesses, medications and unfortunately 3 deaths. We
have always done everything possible to give our
ferrets the best. I have gotten more information from
the people in this group, other groups and Dr.
Williams and Dr. Weiss than I have ever gotten from my
3 different vets! The Internet has saved my ferrets
and given them a better quality of life. I do not
substitute this group for vet care, but unfortunately
I do not have and have not been able to find any
better vets than the ones I have in the area where I
live. And believe me I have tried! I have helped
several vets become more knowledgable with the
information I have learned on this site. Anyhow I
just wanted to clarify that.

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