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Date: 2005-06-03 00:55:13 UTC
Subject: RE: Helicobacter long before I notice a change?
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I haven't used that med combo for years opting instead for the Biaxin and Amoxi for 14 days treatment. Usually with my kids they are eating kibble again in about 10 days. That is in the worse cases, where they were off food completely.

I also use Carafate 20 minutes before feedings to protect the ulcers helicobacter usually causes. (grinding probably is due to ulcers or a troublesome hairball.) Maybe someone that uses those meds will comment, too.

Author wrote:
> My guy was started on amoxi/flagyl/pepto yesterday morning. He is perhaps eating a smidge better, but still grinding teeth at times and very listless. Is this treatment a *process* and I wont notice change for a few days/week or should I be noticing more in the first 36 hours??
> thanks
> deb and tubey!