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Date: 2005-06-03 09:24:00 UTC
Subject: urgent: hind leg weakness / not eating
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I am posting on behalf of someone, so apologies in advance for not having all the details.

2.5yo male, developed what the owner thought was a cold several weeks ago. Several days later, he was taken to a vet who doesn't know a lot about ferrets, where he was treated for earmites, and given anti-mucus medication and Baytril.

The anti-mucus medication course has finished, but his owners are still giving him the Baytril everyday mixed into his food (food has been made into a puree). He is being handfed 3 x a day as he will not eat on his own.

He has lost all mobility in his back legs, although attempts to drag himself around. His owners were considering putting him to sleep yesterday, but he was bright and alert this morning. This evening he made a turn for the worst, and remains lethargic, uninterested, loses balance, won't eat, etc.

I have been trying to find a ferret knowledgeable vet in his area, although there may not be any.

Any suggestions on what his owners can do, or get the vet to try next?

thank you