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From: "Sue Liszewski"
Date: 2005-06-04 20:35:58 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] RE: Helicobacter long before I notice a
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November is a long time since tests were done, I would consider a urine, a
spot check glucose (yes diabetes may be rare but still possible and perhaps
it was early and evidence shows up later), and an x ray. Also that may just
be fat you are seeing sometimes they get so fat it really surrounds their
nodes and you suspect lymphoma and it isn't. If you want it truly ruled out
you need a biopsy. It needs to be your choice what you do and how you
handle it as well as how you discuss it with your vets. The more informed
you are the more you can be sure they are doing what is needed. We all may
miss things so if you bring them up and they shrug them off it is not the
best thing, make sure they understand you and if you ask them to do it they
will. Best of luck the final call is yours.
Dr. Sue

>From: autumn_whispers2me <>
>Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] RE: Helicobacter long before I
>notice a change?
>Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 12:16:45 -0700 (PDT)
>Thanks, Dr. Sue. If they did x rays they didn't tell us. I actually had
>asked the vet
>about diabetes because Boo-Boo pees as much as a cat! you wouldn't believe
>size of the puddles he makes. He is really fat right now, so i don't know
>if THAT has
>anything to do with us, but I've 'very' rarely seen him drink water from
>the bottle.
>Most of the water he gets is from the chicken gravy soup he eats. Tocho, a
>big guy
>but not fat like Boo-Boo also pees a lot, but Boo-Boo has to be cleaned
>each time.
>anyway, the vet said that diabetes in ferrets is so rare that she wasn't
>considering it. But on his first labs his blood sugar was in the 400's!
>There were a
>few things totally weird in his labs, so they re-ran them. that's when the
>lab messed
>them up and ran a bird panel, so they got another sample and ran them
>again... the
>very last time they ran them his levels were all basically normal, and his
>blood sugar
>was a little high, but not enough (they said) to worry about at all.
>he seemed to do better, even up until about 1.5 weeks ago. He had even
>begun to
>go to the kibble dish and eat. But then.. he started getting lethargic,
>etc. again.
>It could be pure coincidence, but he became sick right after Hurrican Ivan
>hit. We
>were without power for a little over two weeks. During that time we had to
>wet the
>fuzzies down once in a while to keep them cool, and keep baggies filled
>with ice
>cubes, placed inside socks, to put in the cage with them. It was cloudy
>and cooler
>than normal following that storm, even almost two weeks later, so I don't
>they got overly hot. But maybe that caused enough stress to set off the
>problem? It was also around that time that we got Peanut and Tocho---so
>added stress too?
>The last confusing thing: we just said to heck with it today and let them
>run amok
>in the house. Boo-Boo seemed contented to tear apart the underside of our
>lol... but.. he was dancing, goofing off, way happier than he's been in a
>while. They
>don't normally get this much time to play in the entire apartment (because
>of the
>dogs, etc.), so I don't know if that has anything to do with this.
>and.. his glands, the ones on the sides of his neck look swollen now. He's
>really fat, so the fat pads on top I'm sure are thick.... but I don't know.
> I guess I
>could take a photo and upload it. and... his fur has gotten really yellow.
>I know that's a lot of info, and probably very confusing the way I wrote
>Sue Liszewski <> wrote:
>You talk a lot about blood tests and urine but no mention of x rays?
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