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Date: 2005-06-07 17:42:02 UTC
Subject: RE: question about diet for seniors
Message-ID: <>

Author wrote:
you should never feed your ferret KIBBLE/DRY FOOD
> that has over 40% protein. > It (EVO) has over 40% protein - and since that is bad
for ferrets, that rules it
> out right there.

Where did you get the idea that over 40% protein is bad for ferrets? If the
percentage is figured by adding in plant protein, I'd agree, but if the percentage is
based on meat and/or meat byproducts, I'm delighted to see the higher figure.

My ferrets have been on a half kibble, half raw diet for close to 3 years now and are
in much better condition than they were on the kibble mix I previously fed. BTW, I
have never had any health problems whatsoever in feeding raw and my kits are
started on raw meat at 4 weeks. I am currently using both Natural Gold and the Evo
feline (both high protein, low carb foods) as my kibble mix.