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From: sukie crandall
Date: 2005-06-14 15:27:42 UTC
Subject: Administrative Note: Messages missing due to loss of a function on
Cc: ferrethealth-owner <>
the FHL. Awaiting repair
Message-id: <>

As some people will have noticed, yesterday was a bad day for more
than a few websites though certainly not all. It was a Monday so it
may perhaps have been a zombie hatch day (a phrase I'd never have
expected myself to ever write in those decades before having a

Right now we have a problem that the messages we have approved on the
website have not appeared in the website message section or in the

As of yesterday Moderators' Notes can appear in the digest but not on
the website.

Smartgroups Support has been notified so we are awaiting repair by
their tech support.

If the approach below does not work, please, note that the FHL's
Files and so forth are still available to you at
and our greatest treasure -- years of past posts and replies which
are easily searched -- are available at

It MIGHT be that approval of message by e-mail (another option we
moderators have) may function better, so right now we are trying
that, but to use that we need your help. You MUST follow the FHL
rules, and we need you to perform kindnesses such as using plain
text, no attachments, and follow the rules. We can not edit using
the e-mail approval function so if you don't follow the rules we have
no choice but to reject your post. Luckily, there are only a few
rules and they are easy to use:

> The Ferret Health List Terms of Service
> (Originally drafted March 2, 2001, updated August 2003)
> Listed below are conditions for participation in the Ferret Health
> List. By sending messages to "the Ferret Health List" you
> explicitly agree to the following conditions:
> 1) Be kind to one another. No flames. Don't attack a poster.
> 2) When questioning a particular course of treatment, or asking
> about something your vet has suggested, do not mention vet or clinic
> by name, just the specifics of the treatment. When questioning
> medications, include dosage (place 0 before decimal as in 0.1) and
> mg/ml (6.75mg/5ml).
> 3) Personal messages of sympathy, thanks, and "me too's" should be
> sent directly to the poster, not the list.
> 4) This list is a resource for ferret health related information.
> Ferret health includes; medical, behavorial, nutritional, physical
> and psychological needs of ferrets. Your veterinarian should be
> your first line of defense for safeguarding your ferrets health.
> 5) Commercial messages and those soliciting donations are not
> appropriate. This includes signature lines.
> 6) Do not direct ferret health questions to a particular individual
> or vet on the list. Doing so will decrease your chance of a reply
> from others that may have valuable input for your situation.
> 7) The subject line of your post should reflect the topic.
> "Question" or "Sick Ferret" is too vague and will get lost in the
> archives. A subject line of "How much Prednisone is too much" or
> "Are these symptoms of Adrenal Disease" is more likely to get prompt
> responses.
> 8) Quote as little of the original post as possible. When
> responding to someone, quote only enough of the original post to
> remind subscribers of what was said. A good rule of thumb: quoted
> post should not be longer than the response.
> 9) This list is not Consumer Reports. Opinions of various ferret
> health related practices is allowed. Opinions of specific breeders,
> shelters, ferret owners and pet shops is not. Political topics are
> not allowed.
> 10) Only ferret health related photo and file uploads are allowed.
> Moderators can move, delete, compress, or otherwise manage photos
> and files. When uploading, uncheck the "notify group" box. If box
> is checked, moderators will reject an automated message to the
> group. Instead, direct readers to your photos and files in a
> message to the group.
> 11) This list is the property of the moderators; anything posted to
> it becomes the property of the list and its off-site archives. We
> reserve the right to censor posts. We may edit submissions for
> length or clarity. This includes, but is not limited to: removing
> excessive signatures and quotes, providing appropriate subject
> lines, and editing spelling and/or grammar. Submission of material
> to the list constitutes permission for electronic distribution on
> this or other lists.
> 12) On-topic cross-posting of your own messages is allowed.
> 13) If you feel the need to moderate someone on the list, address
> your post to the moderators at
> We are the ones who allowed the post to go through.
> 14) The act of your submitting a post implicitly implies your
> certification to us that you own or have release of rights for all
> material submitted in the post. You agree to hold harmless and
> unconditionally indemnify The Ferret Health List and the list
> moderators against and from all liability, costs, expenses, claims
> and damages which The Ferret Health List may suffer or become liable
> from as a result of posting your submission to the list. This
> includes but is not limited to claims of copyright infringement or
> actionable defamation. Submission of material to the list
> constitutes permission for non-exclusive, perpetual rights for
> electronic distribution of your material on this or other lists.

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