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Date: 2005-06-18 04:41:54 UTC
Subject: please help! very sick ferret!
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i have a 2 yr old ferret named lucy. shes very sick but i dont know whats wrong. she wont use her front feet to walk so she just sits or sleeps all day. shes holding herself up now and looking around like normal but she just cant get up and walk.
i took her to the vet but they usually only treat cats and dogs so they couldnt tell me much. her xrays were fine- no broken bones or tumors. her blood count was normal. something was high though..protein i think and something in the liver or kidneys, i cant remeber cuz i was crying so much. they also said she had a fever.

they want to say its distemper but im not so sure

shes eating and drinking like normal. shes using the bathroom like normal, and even goes in the litter box when we help her. her eyes are bright. no discharge anywhere. she looks and acts perfectly fine except the not walking.

she responds to her name, toys, people walking around just like she always does.

what does this sound like and what should i do?

they gave her antibiotics for her fever and steriods to see if it helps her back. there are no ferret specialists in my state (WV) and the 2 vets i heard of are hours away. there is a vet nearby that sees small and exotic animals, should i go there?

ne help would be appreciated!!!