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Date: 2005-06-19 03:12:32 UTC
Subject: RE: please help! very sick ferret!
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after just doses of the steriods, she started walking!! now shes even running and hiding suff again shes still a little wobbley of course. im still a tiny bit worried because i dont know what caused this and her vet is out of town until monday but im assuming this is good news!

with the distemper, she only has the fever and the neuorological symptoms and thats it,so it could be a lot of things. do u think maybe she could have fallen or something? i havent found nething that matches her symptoms, most say they stop eating and drinking and their eyes get dull ect but not her....just the fever and the legs. i think the fever is gone too because shes been burying herself in blankets when she sleeps again.

she is 2 years old and no she hasnt had the vaccination, and i regret it now. if she recovers from this, its the first thing she is getting, i have learned my lesson.

thank you for those sites, i will look through them and see what i can find, if all else fails, i know of a small and exotic pets vet that i can ask if they know about ferrets.

thank you so much for your support and advice everyone. if we figure out what this was, ill let you guys know incase it comes up again. thanks again!