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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2005-06-19 17:41:46 UTC
Subject: H. pylori in ferrets?
To: Mike Janke <>,
Message-id: <>

Mike, I wonder if the vet was looking at things like:
(a bibliography on H. pylori as a possible zoonotic disease)

So far, though, other species were mentioned, not ferret unless I
missed them*. All of the infection reports I noticed in ferrets
were H. mustelae, not H. pylori.


*Please, note that my eye is not allowing me to skim pages, so I am
trying an assortment of techniques to see what might work as a ne way
to skim. So far the closest involve moving my head side to side and
also having the Mac read the selections to me. In other words, it is
now very easy for me to completely mess things I would have caught
before so check me, check me, check me

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