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From: "Gail"
Date: 2005-06-21 14:12:52 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] R.E. strange problem
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I didn't read your original post, however, you might be interested in a
problem I had with one of my ferrets. He is a breeder ferret - at age 2 he
began with a very slightly swollen eye rim - treated it with opthalmic
antibiotics and it went away. Later that year, he suddenly developed a
hairless right hind foot and it was red and swollen. He was put on a regime
of Pediapred and it went away. Last October, he again suddenly developed
the red and swollen same hind foot (no other feet were involved). Put on
Pediapred once again (1 ml. per day mixed in turkey babyfood) but we were
unable to wean him off in 2 weeks because every attempt started the swelling
over again. for him it is some type of seasonal allergy, although we have
not found the cause. He was on the Pediapred from last October until just
recently when he went into a season coat change and all of a sudden I was
able to wean him off the pediapred very slowly (1/10 of an ml per week) and
he is just fine now. We had changed food, changed litter, changed shampoo,
etc., to no avail. With him we have just come to the conclusion it is just
an allergy. He had no other symptoms and no other feet were involved,
although occasionally he still gets the slightly swollen eye rims which we
believe is related to the allergy as well. Good luck.
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> Hi Everyone,
> I was just curious, I never got any feedback about Kodiak's foot swelling