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Date: 2005-06-21 14:51:40 UTC
Subject: When to remove an enlarged spleen?
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I have a 5 yr old ferret with adrenal disease (his left was removed two years ago, but now his right has is affected. I haven't been able to put him through that surgery for personal reasons)I have noticed lately that I can feel his spleen when I palpate his abdomen. I would say it is quite enlarged when compared to the fact that I feel nothing in my other ferret. You can actually feel the lobe of his spleen when you palpate his left side. I attribute this splenic enlargement as the reason for some of his weight gain over the last few months...though he is a bit fat! Now, this ferret is acting like himself...still palyful, not painful or uncomfortable or anything, more tired, but couldn't that be from the melatonin implants? I am just wondering how my vet and I would know when the spleen has become a problem and should be removed. I just lost one of my ferrets to liver cancer and don't want to lose this one too.