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From: Andrea
Date: 2005-06-21 16:16:27 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Digest 20 Jun 2005 18:29:25 -0000 Issue 1033
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Thanks for replying Dr Ruth. These Vets always do pretreat, and Rayna was
pretreated before they gave her the 1/2 dose and she still had a pretty bad reaction.

They say they have the Galaxy avail now and I've read people have success with that.
But I dont know how long to wait, if I choose to give her that, so that if she has
another reaction, her body has a 'break' in between reactions (so it wont be so
tough on her)... or does that matter?

Do we know of any tests that have been conducted... so like is Rayna still
susseptable to getting distemper because she's only 1/2 protected, or is she
protected for 6 months?

I guess I can take measures to reduce the risk of exposure... I've been given ideas
of after going to the Vets office or petstore, to bleach down the bottom of my shoes,
change clothes and thoroughly wash before handling her.

For fostering any dogs, we can have them boarded before they come into my house
(and vaccinated of course), but I dont know how long the symptoms would take to
show up in a dog if they had distemper.

I guess the risk isnt huge, but I really dont want to chance it either. I thought I just
read that wildlife can carry distemper also? I'm waiting for a call-back from the vets
to discuss these options. wrote:
It is much better to pretreat to prevent or reduce the reaction and give the
vaccine as directed.

I have seen ferrets react and then the next time they were vaccinated (with
pretreatment) be just fine, no reaction at all.

I would either go that route or if her exposure risk is low, wait for the
Purevax (and I'd likely pretreat with that one anyway).

Dr. Ruth
Puppies kiss better than most people.