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Date: 2005-06-27 06:43:55 UTC
Subject: Teeth problem
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Hello, I have an approx 6 to 7 year old male, Blackfoot, who has bad teeth. Here is a little health history for you before I ask my question: Blackfoot has had 2 adrenal/insulinoma surgeries within the last year as well as teeth cleaning by our vet and an animal dentist. His recent adrenal surgery was this past March. He is being medicated for enlarged prostate - Finasteride 1MG/ML (giving .1 ml once daily), insulinoma - Prednisolone 2 MG/ML (giving .75 once daily) and recently a possible heart problem - Lasix 10 MG/ML (giving .2 ml once daily).

He has a super enlarged belly that worsened since his surgeries - which there was alot of scar tissue removed during his last adrenal surgery that was from last year's surgery.

Blackfoot also has mast cell tumors at various places on his body that come and go. He had an Xray which revealed slight clouding in around the chest area. Blackfoot has not had an echocardiogram (as several vets feel that is the least of his worries). Hence he was put on Lasix for his heart fluid and to possibly decrease the abdominal "swelling". As fate would have it, about a week after being on Lasix, he took a tumble out of the 3rd level of his cage. So we took him to the vet and another set of Xrays showed (no broken bones, thank God) and most if not all of the clouded area around his chest disappeared. Plus I could visibly see his tummy decreased in size.

Anyway, getting to the point of my post, he has had really bad teeth ever since we adopted him in June of 2002 when he was approx 3 to 4 years old. I do not want to put him through another dental cleaning. Blackfoot has been through a tremendous amount this past year and I do not feel the stress not to mention the anesthesia would be beneficial to him. He is pretty much at a point in his life where several vets whom have seen him said to just make him as comfortable as possible until he no longer enjoys life. :(

I have heard of several suggestions for teeth cleaning and wanted an overall opinion or advice if anyone has had experience with these...

1) can human baby toothpaste be used to clean ferret teeth? And if so, is there a certain type/brand/flavor/etc that should be used or avoided?

2) can small amount of Listerine (enough to moisten a Qtip and avoid too much alcholol) be used in ferrets to help with bacteria in the mouth?

I use C.E.T. Home Dental Care (given by the dentist) which does not seem to be doing much of anything. Blackfoot has alot of ulcers around the gums even prior to both of his dental cleanings last year. However, I recently noticed one of the smaller side teeth have broken off or fell out. I can not see this tooth although I think it just broke off. He does not seem to be in pain from it, but does seem to take longer to chew his food. I want to help him and am not sure how to best help him.

I like the idea I recently heard about the Listerine, but wanted other opinions before proceeding.

Thanking you in advance for you help.

Melanie and my 7 fuzzy buddies