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Date: 2005-06-28 19:30:20 UTC
Subject: Lymphoma being passed from one to another
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Sounds dumb I know, I had 2 females:
Sadie approx 6-7 yo, DEW breeder baby, still spayed and de-scented. Was put to sleep on June 6 2005, CHF due to large mass in abdomen which was swelling more and more over the last 60-90 days, she was also adrenal, non surgery candidate due to age with melatonin implants which she responded very well to. Vet said Lymphoma was probably the mass and it was against her pelvic area and went from one side of her to the other.

Mitzi approx 5-6 yo, sable marshall's baby, never been sick a day in her little life until last 30 days her abdomen is swollen and she looks like a light bulb. gets tired very easy, going to the vet on Friday. I'm thinking Lymphoma also.

My question is this: These 2 girls have been exclusively living together for the last 3 years, with no contact with any of the other 12 ferrets that I have. How likely is it that both of these girls from completely different backgrounds would so closely develop the same symptoms with the swollen belly, so close together timewise?

If this is Lymphoma, what are my treatment avenues available to a little girl her age. I want to do what is comfortable for her, not what is convenient for me.