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Date: 2005-07-04 22:12:14 UTC
Subject: RE: Need Diagnostic Assistance
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What seems to be making everything confusing is that the physical symptoms of
several different things seem to be present but there is so much overlap and or
signs that are not present. I asked about insulinoma but she said his blood sugar
was OK. She said it seems a lot like a pulmonary issue (this fits with a lot of the info
provided about the litter) but the xrays of his heart and lungs look good and his
heart sounds fine. The red count was fine but it seems like she said the cells were
small and funny shaped. ?????

The kidney issues suggest that he needs a low protein high carb diet but wouldn't
that diet be contra-indicated by the possibility of insulinoma?

I can't tell for sure if there is blood in his stool but I worry about this and using the

I read through the litter info and the links posted earlier and a lot of the info about
the litter problems(even though the pages were mostly feline) sound a lot like his
symptoms. However, it can also sound like insulinoma, lymphoma, cardio-
pulmonary problems - almost every thing under the sun - and it all sounds
potentially possible.

I've changed his litter and I'm giving him Laxatone, Ferra-Vite, and anything I can
get him to eat that is low protein. He seems perkier and more alert but I don't know
if he really is or if it is wishful thinking on my part.

The vet is going to do more blood work at the end of the week to see if there is any
change. I also liked the idea of a barium xray before doing an exploratory that was

It's hard when everything seems indicated and contra-indicated at the same time.

Teresa (and Teddy)