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Date: 2005-08-12 17:06:51 UTC
Subject: RE: Runny poo!!!
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The following is an excellent resource titled:

"Problem Ferrets and the People Who Love Them"

which should help you:

I noticed in the Sept/Oct issue of "Ferrets" magazine (which just arrived here today) that there is a biting rehab article in there.

What I think you will really like in that issue, though, is an article by Dr. Karen Rosenthal on tracing down the cause of diarrhea in a ferret. First they were led to think that ECE might be the cause because some things fit at first, but then more info led away from that. Then they thought that individual might have Eosinophyllic Gastroenteritis because other things fit for that so treating for that and considering food intolerance/allergy was discussed. In that case what finally turned out to be going on was that even though the ferret's drinking water was bottled water the bath water was well water that had giardia in it. Giardia is more commonly encountered in ferrets who go outside and may drink from puddles, ponds, etc, or in inside ferrets who drink from an aquarium. The article illustrates well that it can be hard to nail down the cause of diarrhea and the animal's full routine needs to be considered.

(BTW, the Sept/Oct issue is a particularly good one for health related info, also having wonderful info on the ways that smoking and consumption of nicotine can sicken or poison ferrets, and useful hearing info.)