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Date: 2005-09-02 08:03:24 UTC
Subject: I need HELP!! PLEASE!!
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I dont know what is going on with my ferrets. This year has been a bad year=
for me. one of my ferret was sick with viral infection with high fever for=
3 nites and after the 3rd nite his fever broke and he was alright again. t=
hat was in april 2005. July 15, 2005 4 of my ferrets got pnemoia (not sure =
how to spell it)and was on antibiotic for 3 weeks to almost a month. they a=
ll got better. one of my ferrets got parasite in the stool cuz of dirreha s=
o I treat them all with different kind of antibiotic but only one was infec=
ted cuz the other 3 ferrets stool looks ok. Well the other 3 ferrets, one o=
f them is shaking and feels like he has a fever. (this is the one that got =
the viral infection back in april) Im taking him to the vet this morning as=
soon they r open. I dont know why my ferrets keep getting sick. They NEVE=
R go outside. I dont know WHAT is making them sick. I have clean my apt wit=
h clorox and water to try to kill the germs and virus on the wall and clean=
their toys real good and anywhere the ferrets were playing but they keep g=
etting sick after getting well. Im going crazy and its burning a hole in my=
credit card since im not working. I love my ferrets so much that I would d=
o anything for them to be healthy. Can someone PLEASE help me what could be=
wrong?? Im so upset, crying and WORRY about my furkids. I have been wracki=
ng my brain to try to figure what is making my ferrets sick again and again=
. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!